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Zurich Flight Guide

Zurich Flights

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Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland and also the canton’s capital. It is surrounded by “Lake Zurich” and in good weather it is possible to get a view of the Swiss Alps. The town itself has only 317,000 inhabitants but when counting all suburbs the population number rises to over 1 million. Like the rest of Switzerland, Zurich is very famous for its banking system and nowhere else can you find as many banks as here. Zurich has been honoured many times as the city with the highest quality of life, and visitors will get a taste of the laid back atmosphere and the friendly people of Zurich.
It is important to know that Switzerland is not part of the European Union – the official currency is not the Euro but Swiss Franc, and visitors must have a valid passport to enter even if they are EU citizens.

Most attractions in Zurich are located in the old town and are all within walking distance from each other. There are a number of magnificent churches such as the Minister Church, which is located right by River Limmat. The St. Peter’s Church may not have fancy windows but carries the largest clock tower in Europe. Tourists also visit the former home of Lenin in Spiegelgasse 14 and the old town hall which was built during the Renaissance. Zurich has its own mountain called Uetliberg, and a trip to the top is recommended to overview the entire city and get stunning views of the Swiss Alps.

There are many accommodation options in Zurich. There is a backpacker’s hotel right in the heart of Zurich and a Youth Hostel is located in Mutschellenstrasse 114 for budget-conscious tourists. Young travellers are often seen in the Zic Zac Rock Hotel. Anyone who prefers it a little more luxurious may book a room at the Stork Hotel located along River Limmat. The Novotel Zurich West is a 4-star hotel in one of the trendiest districts of Zurich and offers great views of the Opera House.
Tourists from Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth can book a flight to Zurich with Qantas, Air France or British Airways. It is also possible to book with Swiss Air but the offers are rather limited. Prepare to spend at least 22 hours on the plane. Hotels Accommodation - Zurich visitor information - Zurich airport information - Zurich Travel Guide - Zurich tourist guide - Australian Embassies worldwide - Qantas Airfares Flights Smart Traveller



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Guide to cheap flights to Zurich - a travel guide for all travel to Zurich

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