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Singapore Flight Guide

Singapore Flights

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Singapore is the smallest country of Southeast Asia and is home to approximately 4.3 million inhabitants. Most locals are of Chinese origin, however other Asian backgrounds and a range of religious communities are also represented. Before the urbanisation, Singapore was largely covered by rainforest and still has breathtaking natural surroundings. Since more and more people are moving to the country, there is a lack of land and coastal areas are artificially enlarged to make space for more buildings and residents.

Singapore’s climate is tropical and humid with an average annual temperature of around 28°C. There are many interesting things to explore around the country, for instance the giant bird sculpture referred to as “the fat bird”. There are also numerous majestic Hindu temples and houses built in ancient Chinese style. In contrast to the traditional are the business districts, featuring countless shiny skyscrapers and a fast-paced atmosphere. Singapore is a highly developed and very safe country. It is crucial to respect the warning signs and codes of conduct when visiting restaurants and bars to avoid penalties.

Orchard Road is where accommodation prices are the lowest and budget-conscious tourists should book a room around this area. Travellers who prefer a classier place to stay have a vast choice of luxury hotels all over the country. Singapore Airlines and Qantas offer direct flights from all major Australian airports with flight durations of 11 hours (from Sydney) or less. Hotels Accommodation - Singapore visitor information - Singapore Airlines
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Guide to cheap flights to Singapore - a travel guide for all travel to Singapore

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