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Kuala Lumpur Flight Guide

Kuala Lumpur Flights

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Kuala Lumpur is a fairly small Asian metropolis with approximately 1.5 million inhabitants. It is not only the proud Malaysian capital, but also the administrative, cultural and economic centre of the country. Even if the name "Kuala Lumpur" (‘Muddy Estuary’) doesn’t sound all that promising, it is a vibrant city that surprises visitors mainly with the ethnic mix of its residents. Thus, tourists can explore mosques, churches, pagodas and temples all in the same place, as well as modern high-rise buildings which represent the economic progress of this multinational state.

The central business district is called the ‘Golden Triangle’ and is a great starting point for a sightseeing tour. It features some of the tallest buildings in the world and has excellent shopping malls along with a sizzling nightlife. Those visitors who like it more traditional can visit Chinatown with its narrow alleys, night markets and Chinese specialities. Not far from there is the historic district which is an absolute must for every visitor. Explore the colonial past and the Malay culture on a long walk through the Old Town. When it is time for a break, go to the Lake Gardens which is a place of peace, stunning nature and beautiful butterflies that dance to the soothing sounds of exotic birds.

For a trip to Kuala Lumpur it is best to book with Malaysia Airlines as they offer non-stop flights from several Australian airports. Other options are Qantas, Singapore Airlines and Thai Airlines where passengers may have to catch a connecting flight in Asia. On a direct flight the journey time is approximately 12 hours, on an indirect flight this might rise up to 17-20 hours. Hotels Accommodation - Kuala Lumpur visitor information - Kuala Lumpur travel guide - Kuala Lumpur airport information - Travel information Kuala Lumpur - Malaysian Airlines information - Australian Embassies worldwide Airfares Flights Smart Traveller



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Guide to cheap flights to Kuala Lumpur - a travel guide for all travel to Kuala Lumpur

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