No longer the Twelve Apostles.

Around 5pm on Saturday Neil Sander, a tour operator who works in the Great Ocean Road area, noticed that the Twelve Apostles, are now only Seven. He arrived on the scene with a tour group and instantly noticed the missing apostle. But, by the time they got there, there wasn't much to see.

‘Just a little bit of rock sticking out,' Mr Sander said, ‘The water was murky too, almost an army green mixed with a creamy colour.' It could have been a great tour if the tourists had the chance to see the apostle fall into the ocean, but they missed it.

Mr Sander has run his Young Travellers Tours company for just over a year, and has worked as a tour operator in the area for four years. He was sure this apostle would be greatly missed.

The Twelve Apostles is one of the Southern Coast of Australia's most popular and photographed tourist destinations and many tour companies take tourists from Melbourne or Geelong down the coast to see this stunning piece of landscape and these incredible structures jutting out of the water.

At almost half of the original Apostles, you can't help but wonder, how long is this natural attraction going to be around for? If you are visiting, go and have a look and get your happy snap, before they all fall into the ocean.

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