Top five tips for travelling on a budget – Three

Find cheap healthy food in the cities where you visit

So, you are backpacking through cities in Australia, and you are wanting to watch your dollars and cents? Apart from accommodation, most travellers spend the most of their money on food and drinks. There are some easy tips to avoid this, and still eat well.

Find out if your hotel or your backpackers includes your breakfast, most backpackers provide a basic toast and tea breakfast all around the world, and many hotels have a buffet breakfast included in the price. If your accommodation does not include breakfast however, I'd suggest visiting a bakery, get some fresh, local produce and fill up on hot bread, buns and sweets, depending on what tickles your fancy. It's much cheaper than a restaurant breakfast, and often much tastier too.

During the day consider assembling a picnic lunch with local breads, cheeses and fruit, it's filling, healthy and gives you a chance to sample delicious local produce and products. If you follow the above tips this should leave you a decent amount for your dinner, check guides like the lonely planet for each city, it always suggests great cheap alternatives for dining.

As for drinking, if you are on a boozy holiday, I suggest bar hopping through happy hours, and chatting to some of the locals about where has great deals on different days of the week. There are lots of backpacker bars in Australia, most of which have really reasonable priced drinks and bar snacks to keep you happy.

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