Top five tips for travelling on a budget – One

Find a cheap airfare.

When you are backpacking or travelling on a shoestring budget, the first step is to find a cheap airfare to get you to your destination without breaking the bank.

The best way to find cheap airfare is to keep a look out online to find out when any of the major airlines are having sales. However, they aren't always easy to find out about. The big airlines often have sales that are not highly advertised and you just have to be lucky to find them.

So, if you aren't lucky enough to cash in on the big airline sales, the best way to go about doing it is to start researching as far in advance as you possibly can. The rule of thumb with flights generally is, the further you can get them in advance, the cheaper they will be. Consider the budget airline options and whether they suit you, they should do if you are travelling on a budget, and plan ahead to bring your creature comforts on the plane with you.

An important part of this research will be using a good comparison website for flights, in Australia a great site is, it will bring up all the major airlines and most of the budgets airlines so you can have a look at all of the options and choose what suits you best. Webjet is an award winning online travel service that operates as a comparison site, but is a registered and licensed travel agent and a member of the Travel Compensation fund.

Another website you can check out is, it's not as user friendly but it can be useful.

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