New Pick-up Area for Sydney Airport

Sydney Airport has made arrangements to relocate its T2 passenger pickup area. With the relocation set to take place on the 26th September, the new pickup area will provide users with less congestion, more spaces and a lot more free pickup time.

The changes will have great benefits for passengers using the domestic terminal used by Jetstar, Tiger Airways, Virgin Blue, Qantaslink, Regional Express (REX) and other regional carriers.

In the pickup area drivers will be allowed to leave their vehicles unattended. The new area will also have room for up to 51 vehicles with a free 10 minute pickup period.

The current T2 pickup area has space for only 7 vehicles and there is only a 2 minute free pickup period for drivers. Also, with the current area drivers must remain with their vehicle and cannot leave it unattended.

The idea with the new area is to reduce congestion and improve the traffic flow around the airport. Entry to the area is by ticket and any vehicle that stays longer than the designated 10 minutes will have to pay normal parking rates.

The amount of passengers using Sydney's domestic terminals has increased by 41% over the last five years.

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