Australia Seeking Slice of Health Tourism

Australia is planning to tap into the global health tourism sector and attempt to draw in extra tourism from health tourists.

The Australian Associated Press (AAP) has reported that over 60 representatives for various Australians sectors including tourism, medical, health and government have all made a declaration that efforts will be made to get into this untapped industry.

The health and wellness industry has been growing substantially over the last few years includes anything form day spas to surgery. Australia is seeking to become the best quality health and wellness hub in the Asia-Pacific region and is well placed to do so.

Many other countries like Singapore and Dubai have been investing billions of dollars in new hospitals and facilities in order to cater for the predicted rise in medical tourism that is expected to come over the next decade. Matt Hingerty, Australian Tourism Export Council, believes that it is time for Australia to do the same.

It is believed that Australia is perfectly placed to become the biggest player for health tourism in South-east Asia and should become a destination for American health tourists.

Medical tourism entrepreneurs have stated that Australia is set to benefit from its strong healthcare reputation and should be able to attract a lot of patients from South-east Asia for anything ranging from cancer treatments to IVF.

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