AirAsia gets a near perfect score here in Australia.

Air Asia has been a godsend for those of us who love to travel internationally but just can't afford it. And we aren't alone. Air Asia has not only had a huge and positive customer response from Australian passengers and travellers but it has also managed to achieve close to 100% online penetration for its sales in its target markets. Air asia launched it's first low cost service from Gold Cost Airport to KL, Malaysia in November 2007 and since the airline has extended its services to include perth and Melbourne as well.

It is said that 98% of the bookings made for Air Asia flights are done over the internet direct via the Air Asia website. Direct buying online has become a natural part of flight planning for the regular Australian consumer, being trained by our domestic budget airlines Jetstar, Tiger Air and Virgin Blue. The only difficulty in buying international tickets this way, is that for each leg of your journey, you have to buy tickets separately, and this can cause some confusion.

We Australians, unlike other markets in the world, are said to be very mature in our buying power online, and we aren't scared to use a credit card, this has opened more options for online shopping for us, and cheap travel is definitely a bonus in this regard. However, Air Asia is broadening its credit option anyway, so that it can reach even more clientele by making partnerships with PayPal and American Express.

So, with nearly 100% penetration, it’s unlikely that you haven’t visited AirAsia online. But if you are one of the few that havent, jump online now and check out the travel bargains at :

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